Kamis, 04 April 2013

Cakra blades (Asuma Sensei Knives)

A highly uniquely-designed trench knife, these blades are worn like brass knuckles, but each one has a sharpened zigzag "tooth" over each knuckle, and a blade coming out of one end. The knives are made from a special metal that can be infused through "chakra flow" with elemental chakra or even Yin–Yang chakra to produce added effects. According to Shikamaru, the blades are able to absorb the chakra type of the user, and become the origin of a technique, for the user.
Asuma Sarutobi coupled these knives with his taijutsu skills to devastating effect, such that he could take out nine Otogakure ninja in a matter of seconds. When infused with wind-natured chakra, they can easily pierce and cut through stone and even metal. The knives' sharpness and effectiveness can also be maximised if the person has better control of their chakra as seen with how Asuma was training Sora and Naruto Uzumaki in focusing their wind chakra into their kunai. After Asuma's death, the blades come into Shikamaru Nara's possession. When infused with his shadow chakra, they can immobilise anyone whose shadow it pierces.

References : http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Chakra_Blades
Design : Guruh Memory
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Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Hello Kitty Ball Papercraft

I created this model after look around in toys Store.... :P.

Design : Guruh Memory
Download : Here

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Red Android Papercraft

This is Android Robot Papercraft, I colored with red cause it's look like scary.. :).
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Design : Guruh Memory
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Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Simple Anbu Mask (Naruto Series)

The ANBU (暗部; English TV "ANBU Black Ops"; Literally meaning "Dark Side"), short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊; Literally meaning "Special Assassination and Tactical Squad"), take orders directly from the Kage, performing special high-level missions, such as assassinations and torture.This is my very simple Anbu Mask.. I created this mask figure after searching in google... :)

References : http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/ANBU
Design : Guruh Memory
Download : Here

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Goku Space Ship 1 (Dragon Ball Series)

The first Capsule Corporation spaceship was made for Goku by Dr. Brief out of the scraps of Goku's original spaceship that brought him to Earth. Brief made the spaceship with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a training room that included an intense gravity simulation machine that goes up to 100x Earth's gravity. Goku used the spaceship to travel to Planet Namek while training using the Gravity Machine over the next five days, slowly increasing the gravity from 10x to 20x to 50x to 100x. After four days of training, Goku relaxed and rested himself on the fifth day, arriving just time to save Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta from the Ginyu Force. After transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time, Goku told Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma to the spaceship that he used to get here (although Gohan, Piccolo, Bulma were later teleported from Namek to Earth thanks to Porunga). After Goku's long fight with Frieza, Goku didn't have enough time to make to his spaceship so he had to use Frieza's spaceship, which had been damaged by Vegeta a few days earlier. The first Capsule Corporation spaceship was destroyed during Planet Namek's destruction.

Design : Guruh Memory
Download : here


Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Capsules (Dragon ball Series)

Capsules (カプセル), also known as Hoi-Poi Capsules and DynoCaps, were created by Dr. Brief of the Capsule Corporation, for the purpose of making objects compact and easy to transport on the Dragon ball series 

References :http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Capsule
Design : Guruh Memory
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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Yondaime Kunai

This is Yondaime Hokage Kunai from serial anime Naruto..
Happy Building.... :-)

Download : here

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

TUX Linux

Tux is a penguin character and the official mascot of the Linux kernel Originally created as an entry to a Linux logo competition, Tux is the most commonly used icon for Linux, although different Linux distributions depict Tux in various styles. In video games featuring the character, female counterparts, named Penny and Gown, accompany him. The character is used in many other Linux programs and as a general symbol of Linux. You can get template Tux Papercraft for free and build your own Tux Papercraft.

References :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux
Design : Guruh Memory
Download here